Paperwork Integrity


Integrity of the paperwork described the company’s business scope

1. full-time school books, self-examination, adult education, (including specialty, undergraduate, graduate, master’s, doctoral) graduates file, English four, six, eight certificates, IELTS, computer grade, foreign language class test, and can Printed by customer requirements.

2. the project manager card, accounting, accountants, engineers, Teacher, tour card, teacher card, real estate license, forklift license, engineer, chef certificate, qualification certificate, nursing qualification card.

3. the identity, account, passport, Hong Kong identity card, Home Visit Permit, divorce certificate, marriage certificate, etc., and can proxy for the real account.

4. the local license plate, driving permit, driving license, road maintenance, tax clearance certificate, annual inspection, tax Hul, certification, auto hair. Tickets.

We credit the paperwork the company after ten years of development, business throughout the country, the company has been adhering to the faith first, customer first principle! Passion for our customers to solve the problem! We insist on good evidence, we must first be good people, for the customer in mind, we have home delivery service and payment transaction, to relieve the customer, after looking back!